YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar – No Tuning, Just Perfect Guitar Sound

Live music performance is always nice to hear if the songs and instruments are in tune. But when some of it gets irritating to listen to, you just rather leave or join yelling on the performers. This is very true with guitars especially electric ones. If not conditioned, expect dreary act. But with the new YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar, say goodbye to complicated tuning. This is perfect for serious musicians and beginners who want to skip tuning.

The YouRock Electric Guitar functions as a real specialized guitar so folks, this is not one of your ordinary toys. It can provide the proper expression, speed of triggering, and sliding so you will truly feel that you’re a rock star. It includes 25 guitars, 25 tracks, 50 synths, and 50 drum tracks that allow more tuning options and with only just the click of a button. You can simply load your favorite multi-track recording or sequencing software, then connect the YouRock, and output MIDI data directly to your PC. This is a digital guitar and full-fledged MIDI controller in one! Feel the real metal strings and built in whammy bar while you enjoy playing the guitar without being out of tune. It guides you by indicating improper fingering. Aside from this, it also functions as Rock Band controller.

The YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar works well on instant alternate tuning while playing varieties of songs. It is also very portable since the small package already includes pre-built samples, a headphone jack, and MIDI making it very easy to bring anywhere. Purchase it for a very awesome price here.

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