Yelpie – Secure Your Belongings Safe and Loud

What’s worse than a greasy pair of hands all over your personal gadgets? That would be a sneaky thieving greasy pair of hands that can’t wait to take your precious belongings when you’re trying to enjoy your much deserved vacation. Sure you can always get a 160 lb. Boerboel mastiff to protect and guard your stuff but there’s always the issue of feeding, “organic waste”, drooling, and the occasional chewing if left untrained. Enter the Yelpie weather resistant portable safe and alarm. It’s not exactly Fort Knox but it should do the trick in keeping your personal belongings safe while you’re taking a summer dip or enjoying a hearty picnic meal.

The Yelpie is spacious enough to accommodate your car keys, house keys, wallet, small purse, jewelries, mobile phones, mp3 players, digicams and other small items and valuables. For larger items like your laptop, back pack, duffle bag and suitcases, they can be securely tied to the Yelpie. Leaving your personal stuff in public spaces will be safer as the Yelpie will activate a loud and attention grabbing 90db alarm once somebody tries to get smart and walk away with your things.

The Yelpie portable safe with weatherproof keypad features the following:

• Advanced Motion Detector which ignores accidental bumps
• Secure Keypad combination
• Motor driven lock that securely fastens lid
• Carry strap
• Water resistant design

Get protected now. Get protected here.

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