Yamaha MCR-140 Lifelong Music Partner

Have you found your lifelong partner? If yes, then good, because Valentine’s Day is coming and it would be good to spend with a partner. If no, then you better spend it with your friends since they will be always there for you. However, when it comes to music, finding your lifelong partner isn’t as hard as years of praying nor constantly looking for the right one. It just made its way to you and is just a few clicks away.

The MCR-140 is called by Yamaha as your lifelong music partner. They created it so that you would love it, live with it, and move with it. It is perfectly designed to suit your different music needs. It has different playback options such as a CD player for your classic collection, FM tuner if you want some real world interaction, iPod dock for you enormous music library, even USB and mini jack inputs for portable audio devices. Advanced YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology) allows this micro component system to produce powerful and accurate bass that would seem to come from a larger speaker. The VCCS (Vibration Control Cabinet Structure) in the MCR-140 isolates the vibration of the speakers so vibration wouldn’t be a problem even if you are playing loud thumping music.

There are also different colors to suit your preference. There is orange, white, light gray, pink, dark blue, dark gray and others to fit your personality. Amazon customers rated it 4-stars with one saying that it is the perfect music system and would even surpass the quality from his Bose speakers.

Get your lifelong music partner at Amazon.

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