Xona MK3 DVD+ Digital Kiosk – Your 4 Foot Video Rental Store

It took some time before vending machines and video rental crossed paths in history’s timeline. Who would have thought that a crude machine designed to vend holy water in Egyptian temples and the first ever video rental store at 600-square foot storefront in L.A. would eventually meet? Hero, a Greek mathematician and George Atkinson probably didn’t have the slightest idea that their respective inventions would one day merge and become one of the most hi-tech and profitable business ventures. One leading example of a perfect merging of a vending machine and video rental is the new Xona MK3 DVD+ Digital Kiosk. The Xona Media is one of the worlds most sophisticated and cost effective entertainment kiosk platform. The MK3 DVD+ Digital is so far the only kiosk capable of selling and renting movies and games thru DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. It can be organized to meet your business needs with options ranging from 300-700 DVD capacity to countertop and free standing configurations.

Xona designed this digital kiosk with your success and profits in mind. Everything is streamlined to get your business going, investors will benefit from the low cost system starting at $5,000.00, award winning interactive interface, XONA Media web-based reservation system to the Color Vinyl wraps of their choice and so much more. For the customers, they will benefit from the simple to use interface, support for wide range of media cards and fast USB 3 downloads. The Xona MK3 comes in three core packages, the Countertop Classic, Freestanding Lightbox and the Freestanding Digital Sign with 32” HD screen.

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