XBOX 360 Just Got Overhauled!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s the new Microsoft’s XBOX 360 slim! Finally, after years of countless RMA’s and living in fear of the 3 Red Lights of Doom, Microsoft launched an improved and overhauled model of the XBOX 360. Dubbed as the “slim” model, the new 360 is small enough to fit in an old XBOX 360 and way meaner. Its design takes after a stealth fighter plane rather than the previous generation’s tame Boeing 747 like commercial plane design. There are the much needed giant vents on almost every corner and a massive fan concealed on the right side.

Microsoft opted for the glossy piano black finish–classy but a notorious finger print magnet, so hands-off fan boys. The noise was also significantly reduced. Aside from a few hums and the sound of the fan quietly spinning, there’s pretty much nothing to hear but in-game explosions, bullet fire, screams and engine roars. The new Xbox 360 slim will also be besting the Xbox Elite’s 120GB storage with its whooping 250GB of storage hidden under the vent at the bottom of the unit. The old and new storage are no interchangeable but Microsoft will be providing data transfer cables for you to connect the old HDD to the new console. Another welcome changes are the touch sensitive buttons and the new connectivity options. There’s the integrated 802.11n WiFi, Natal connector at the back, additional 2 USB ports for a total of five, and an onboard optical audio connector.

You can also check out Xbox 360 Console here.

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