X-Slim X360 – MSI’s New Baby

MSI has just unveiled its new baby – the X-Slim X360 notebook that’s outfitted with Intel Core i5 processor featuring Intel’s Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technology. The said technology makes this laptop capable of delivering outstanding processing performance. The X360 comes with classy rhombic pattern and it is one of the leaders in slim computer technology. It is also graced with a more environment-friendly battery.

The X-Slim X360 takes pride in being the first ultra-slim notebook to employ Intel’s Arrandale ULV platform. Giving this notebook its superb audio and video performance is Intel’s HM55 chipset it comes equipped with. Because of this, the X360 is made more capable of multitasking, while making sure smooth operation is achieved. Aside from that, the X-Slim also incorporates MSI’s ECO power-saving technology which gives you the freedom to choose among the five power management levels – Film, Word Processing, Presentation, Turbo Battery, and Game.

Also, the X360 is jam-packed with MSI’s special software programs that make this laptop more user-friendly. One of the said software is the EasyViewer, which uses a 3D image display to let you select full screen display, zoom in/out, or auto play so you can preview images. With the slide mode, you can edit, enlarge or reduce, and rotate photos. To make images richer and to improve layering and contrast, the X360 includes HDII image enhancement, image sharpness, as well as intelligent white balance.

Another great addition to the X-Slim X360 is the company’s own face identification software which works to protect the information in your laptop. If you’re so eager to get hold of this product, check out the different MSI Slim laptops which are available at Amazon.

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