Wrap 920AR

Take your viewing experience to a whole new level with the Wrap 920AR. Based upon the Vuzix Wrap 920 video eyewear and a Wrap VGA Adapter that allows PC compatibility and connectivity, the Wrap 920AR comes with a Wrap Tracker 6TC, a motion tracker that you can plug into a special port on the Wrap 920. When plugged, this tracker monitors your direction, angle of view, and movement. In the face of the said eyewear, you’ll find embedded two specially modified ESB video cameras that link to a PC. There are also two discrete USB webcams.

The Wrap 920AR makes use of the same display system utilized in the famous Wrap 920 video eyewear to provide users with the visual equivalent of a 67-inch display even at a distance of 10 feet. With this, crystal clear 2D or 3D video is enjoyed. Also, the Wrap 920AR’s display capabilities can be utilized on almost any composite compatible device. If you want to use it as an augmented reality system, just connect it to a Windows based personal computer via the Wrap VGA adapter.

When you get a Wrap 920AR, you will also be provided with a pair of removable noise-isolating earphones that offer high-fidelity stereo audio while reducing interference of external noise. Moreover, each Wrap 920AR plus MAXimum 3D Bundle comes with a Vuzix Deluxe Carry Case where you can keep your accessories and eyewear together and protected. If you’re interested, check out availability of this device along with Vuzix Wrap 920 at Amazon.

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