World’s Smallest Image Sensors, SOny’s Exmor goes Commercial

Sony’s “Exmor R” CMOS image sensors with back-illuminations are going to be sold to the public next year, one of these is going to be used on mobile phones. This move is expected to make photographic performance of devices where the Exmor sensors will be used dramatically improved. As of October 7 of this year, these innovations are rated to be the smallest and thinnest of all.

Sony’s announcement of commercialization of two of its highly acclaimed innovations came in October 7. The plans of commercialization is divided into four schedules, one in January, one in March, and the other two by April. The first to be in the market is the Type 1/2.8 16.41 effective megapixels back-illuminated CMOS image sensor “IMX081PQ” in January 2011. The next is the Type 1/2.8 16.41 effective megapixels*2 Lens module “IU081F” in Marxh 2011, and Types 1/3.2 8.13 effective megapixels back-illuminated CMOS image sensor “IMX105PQ” and Type 1/3.2 8.13 effective megapixels*2 Lens module “IU105F2” in April.

The initial pricings for the four models of Sony’s Exmor will be 2,500 Japan Yen for the IMX081PQ, 12,000 Yen for IU081F, and 1,500 and 8,000 yen for IMX105PQ and IU105F2 respectively. These pricings are expected to fluctuate when these CMOS image enhancements come to market next year. The variation will greatly depend on how these items are accepted in the market. For sure, since its from the noted world-class manufacturer of entertainment gadgets and equipments Sony, these items must be good and thus the commercial success.

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  1. This is all bulls**t !
    Sony will only sell these camera modules to top cell phone manufacturers.
    Small engineering companies with honest applications are pushed away.
    I dare anyone reading this to try to buy one of these modules from Sony or its distributors.
    I’ve tried and can’t get them to play nice.
    This is restrictive trade and they should be held accountable.

    • It’s all about volume and business model… I work for a $5bln semiconductor company, and Sony won’t talk to me because we’d only buy few thousand sensors at the most, even though we’d be happy to pay 1000x more for the best sensor. I’m sure they’ ll be happy to talk to you if your business plan includes several million units.

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