Wind Top AE2420 3D – World’s First Full HD 3D All-In-One PC

When it comes to All-in-One PCs, MSI is a global leader. In fact, it has again designed another first in the computer industry. The Wind Top AE2420 3D is the world’s first multi-touch 24” full HD 3D all-in-one pc. This pc is made to dazzle your senses with its exceptional functionality and multi-touch capability. It is equipped with high performance features including all-new built-in Intel Core I series powerful CPU and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD series discrete GPU.

Also, the 3D All-in-One PC comes with a 24” Full HD multi-touch display along with 120 Hz high scan frequency LED panel. You’ll also be amazed by its special Shutter 3D Glasses which flawlessly display high detail 3D images. These glasses will sure provide you with a full-on 3D movie theater experience right from the comfort of your own home. The Wind Top AE2420 3D makes use of MSI’s 3D Station technology which includes the most advanced technologies in 3D imaging. By means of precise image processing technology, 3D visual effects have simulated the way human eye sees real images.

This is also the world’s first multi-touch 3D All-in-One pc that’s capable of running 3D games. It allows you to experience the real feeling of touching 3D images that look authentic. Moreover, the Wind Top AE2420 3D boasts its exceptional 3D audio/video entertainment features like the MSI Premium Sound Technology, full range 5W left and right channel hi-fi speakers, as well as 10W subwoofer that’s capable of producing real 2.1 channel sound. If you’re interested, you can check the availability of this MSI all-in-one desktop at Amazon.

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