Wii Weighted Gloves for the Serious Wii Gamer

Getting serious about exercising through your Wii games? Here are some new stuff for you: the Wii weighted gloves! If you’re into Wii boxing games, these new gloves are perfect add-ons. They will keep you focused on the game and will help you build muscles while you do so.These weighted gloves are made from neoprene materials, so they’re soft to the skin and will cause no discomfort while you’re playing. They also have a Velcro closure that keeps them secure while ensuring that taking them on and off is easy. The gloves come with holders for your Wii controllers—a remote holder on the right glove and a nunchuck holder on the left. If you’ve always found it hard to concentrate on any Wii boxing game because you’ve always been worried about dropping your controllers while playing, there’s no need to worry anymore because the controller holders in these new gloves are custom-fit. While they guarantee the ease by which you can place and remove the controllers to and from the holders, they also ensure a tight hold of your devices. So, they’ll never fall out no matter what boxing moves you make. The gloves are also non-restrictive. They’ll allow you to have your fingers free for those times when you need to press some buttons. Making a fist is also easy when you wear these gloves. Plus, they are weighted with sand to help you exercise when playing Wii.

The Wii Weighted Gloves are compatible with different Wii boxing games and can be used with the Motion Plus Attachment. If you’re serious about your Wii games, these gloves are a must-have.

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