Who Needs a Disco Ball When There’s the Pocket Laser Light Show

Believe it or not, lasers are not only used for reconstructive surgeries, blasting an Imperial-class Star Destroyer’s hull wide open or splitting a droideka in half. With their thin rays of light and rainbow-like colors, laser beams are a stunning cross between dramatic lighting and brilliant fireworks. The unique characteristics of lasers make them a creative way to “add colors” to any variety of indoor and outdoor events or productions. You don’t need to be a member of a high-profile rock band like Pink Floyd and The Who or attend grand openings of big shot events to enjoy your own laser show. With advances in light technology, even you can now have a high quality laser light right in the palm of your hands.

The Pocket Laser Light is a totally self-contained wireless gadget that can project a spectacular array of laser light designs and outlines onto any wall or ceiling. It features an Auto mode that can play various pre-programmed laser pattern and a Manual mode. The latter lets you control your own laser light show thru the left and right pattern controls and motor direction switches. You can either let the Pocket Laser Light work its show on its own or you can get creative and indulge yourself to your very own “Greatest Pocket Light Show on Earth”.

The Pocket Laser Light requires 3 x AAA batteries to work. Just like a Rebel Alliance’s DH-17 blaster pistol, NEVER shine it in anyone’s eyes.

You can purchase the product here.

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