What’s with the XPAL Solar Egg?

MP3 players and digital cameras are few must-haves for travelers like you. It’s quite boring if you go on a long distance travel without any song to listen to, right? Much more if you don’t have a digital camera to capture those once in a lifetime moments like when you go and visit Paris or Rome.

But there is nothing more frustrating if you do have these two electronic gadgets with you, yet they can’t be used because they’re out of battery. What a misfortune, especially if you’re still far from the next stopover to have them recharged. Good thing XPAL, a company that specializes in rechargeable power packs, has come up with a solution for travelers like you. They call it the Solar Egg.

The XPAL Solar Egg is an innovative solar powered gadget that can be recharged in just four hours of indirect sunlight. Simply expose it to medium level of natural light, and it will recharge using magic SunBoost solar conversion technology. This technology is specifically developed from The Netherlands, through a company called Intivation. It is very much effective at charging the internal 500mAh battery of the Solar Egg at over 90% in capacity in a span of four hours.

Now, how can this be useful to your electronic gadgets? Well, since it can detect a wide range of devices such as your MP3 player and digital camera, it will provide them with the appropriate level of power for charging. See, no need to wait for the next stopover. With the Solar Egg, you can travel continuously while charging your electronic gadgets.

This solar powered gadget will be shipped next month in selected regions. For now, you might want to check out other solar mobile charger at Amazon.

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