WeTab, We Happy!

If happy campers and Boy Scouts have their Swiss Army Knife to help them survive the great outdoors, techies and geeks also have something in their arsenal for the more urban jungle. Here comes the new WeTab. After a few marketing efforts to change their name from WePad to WeTab to avoid confusing brand names with a certain fruity competitor, it is finally ready for a second round in proving itself to be more than just a name.

Apart from changing its name, it’s still basically the same all-in-one multitouch tablet computer every gadgets geek would want on their survival pack. When they say all-in-one, what they meant was they tossed everything in but the kitchen sink. With the WeTab you can surf the web, watch movies, compose e-mails, and get connected on your social network – just add a blender and you have yourself a digital smoothie. WeTab is also all about freedom. It naturally supports Flash and all popular file formats so you can watch, hear, see and open whatever files you need – no more need for third party installations.

Still looking for more functionality? You can easily expand the WeTab using the different plug and play ports made available. The best part, this hot new gadget runs on an open platform technologies powered by Linux, Android and Adobe AIR. The WeTab can also serve as an advanced eBook reader as it lets you view all your preferred prints like periodicals, books and journal in native print and have them digitally delivered to you fast and easy.

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