Western Digital SSD

When you bought your laptop, you might have felt that it can do whatever you throw at it. You review presentations while on the road, move your laptop anywhere, and casually bump it here and there. While your laptop’s construction can be solid, the hard drive which has moving parts for operation, is the most vulnerable here. I mean, you processor doesn’t move when turned on and so are your video card, RAM, and motherboard. If you keep important data and want to protect it from hard drive failures, then choosing an SSD is a smart option.

Western Digital offers the SiliconEdge Blue Solid State Drive (SSD). IT has a maximum capacity of 256GB much like a 250GB hard drive. If you can remember, this is the same type of storage device that was equipped on early eeePC. This is due to the fact that solid state drives are faster, consume less power, and more rugged than conventional disk drives.

You can copy data on the drive at the speeds of 170MB/s or read from it at 250MB/s. That would make copying a whole DVD faster than making a peanut butter sandwich. In this case, strong performance doesn’t mean strong power consumption. This SSD only uses 2 watts maximum while reading and 3.5 watts while writing. This equates to longer battery life for your laptop where you need it most. SSDs are versatile because it has no moving parts like a thumb drive.

Though it would be nice to ditch your hard disk drive and get an SSD, the 256GB model will cost you $999, 128GB for $529, and 64GB for $279.

Look at different Western Digital hard drives here.

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