Wester Digital 3TB Caviar Green SATA Hard drives – Larger and Greener than Ever

It’s big, it’s green and it’s not a gamma radiation mutated scientist on a street rampage – it’s none other than the new Western Digital 3 Terabyte Caviar Green hard drive. This latest addition to the energy efficient Caviar Green family proves that you can put the right balance between hard drive capacity, performance and power saving into one hard drive. The new WD Caviar Green SATA drive maybe big but it is no shambling behemoth; it delivers a humungous 3TB worth of storage, 3 GB/s ultra-fast transfer speeds and 64MB cache. And it’s no rampaging monster also – it is equipped with cool and quiet technology allowing the drive to run at low temperatures even without the aid of a fan and low acoustics making it the perfect candidate for ultra-quiet PC builds and external hard drives.

Despite its brawn, the new 3TB WD Caviar Green HDD is loaded with intelligent features including IntelliPower which fine tunes the drive’s speed, transfer rate and caching rate to reach optimum energy efficiency and drive performance. This feature also allows the Caviar Green SATA drives to use less power during start-up to allow lower peak loads on system’s boot. Another intelligent feature is the NoTouch ramp load technolgy which prevents the recording head from touching the disks to minimize wear to the recording media. WD also adopted the Advanced Format technology to their latest Caviar Green drive, this breakthtough media format enables increased areal densities for larger WD RS and RSDTL model hard drives.

3TB too much for you? Smaller 2TB WD Caviar Green versions can be found here.

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