WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit: For Faster Streaming and Connection with Less Mess

If you’re looking for a home network that will give you a speedy streaming of high-definition media, then you must have the WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit. This kit makes use only of the electrical outlets in your home to provide you with improved, upgraded benefits that you won’t get from others. And what are these benefits?

Before going to that, let’s discuss how the addition of this system works. The kit comes with two adapters, one you can plug to a router and an electrical outlet, and the other to another outlet inside a room where you wish to enjoy a high-speed connection. This set up allows easy data sharing with less hassles. The kit will give you a speed of 200 megabits per second. This will ensure fast and smooth streaming of HD media to your TV, all while allowing all computers in your home to share internet connection. The two adapters included in the kit have four ports each, so you can plug up to 7 devices in your home added to the router. Plus, data transfer is guaranteed to be protected with an automatic 128-bit encryption. And lastly, because the system utilizes your existing electrical wirings, you don’t have to deal with an addition of a great number of cables.

When you get the entire Western Digital Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit (WDBABY0000NBK-NESN), you’ll receive the two adapters (4-port), a pair of internet cables and power cables, a quick install guide, a CD with utility software, and a warranty and support guide.

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