Waterproof Video Spy Watch: For Spying and For Fun!

We all want to preserve our great memories – the increasing number of digital cameras today is a very strong proof to that. In fact, holidays and travels are not without video cam, right? But, don’t you feel annoyed about having to carry your camera with you wherever you go? Don’t you feel annoyed about all those times when you can’t fully enjoy the beach because of your worry about your electronic gadget getting wet? Well, it’s probably time you get a waterproof video spy watch.

First, it’s a watch. Second, it’s waterproof. And third, it’s great for spying on somebody or something. But then come on, spying isn’t the only thing this watch is good for. You can also have fun with it! Looking at it, it’s just like any ordinary watch with an added coolness. But, hiding in the number 12 on the watch face is a camera that can take photos (JPG format) and videos (AVI format). Added to that, it can also record audio, so you get all the fun! The watch is ideal up to 30 meters underwater (not more than that, though). It’s got 4GB of file storage capacity, plenty enough for a lot of fun. Transferring the files to your computer is also easy via the USB cable that comes with it. The said cable can also be used to charge the watch.

Whether for fun or for any spying activity, the waterproof video spy watch is perfect! It’s a small piece of gadget that can give you huge benefits and fun!

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