Water Pebble – Telling You When It’s Time to Stop

When you’re serious about your water conservation project, then you must first start in watching your own water usage, particularly when you’re taking a shower. But it can be very difficult for us because we don’t have a way to measure the amount of water we consume, right. That’s no longer a problem, thanks to Water Pebble.

This eco-tastic device has been designed to take the guesswork out of water conservation by monitoring the water flowing down the plughole as you take a shower. When its time for you to stop, Water Pebble will inform you by illuminating its traffic light-style indicators. All you need is to set the gizmo near the plughole and it’s ready to do its job. The green light indicates start, amber for halfway and read means stop. See, it’s as easy as that.

The Water Pebble does this by memorizing your water consumption on your first shower and sets that as a benchmark. Then, it fractionally lessens your shower time by just about seven seconds on every use. This helps you save water without exerting any effort. As days pass, your water consumption will be reduced gradually and before you know it, Water Pebble has already helped you save more than 20 liters of hot water each day.

As it is well known, fewer liters consumed mean smaller water bills. The Water Pebble is especially helpful for shared households who are trying to trim down their water consumption to save not only water but money as well. Do a bit to save Mother Earth while saving on your budget too. Click here and purchase a Water Pebble now.

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