Warpia Easy Dock – Transform Your Laptop into a Desktop without the Wires

It’s always a treat to experience the best of two worlds–case in point is the ability to dock your laptop and convert it into a full pledge desktop PC. Turning your laptop into a desktop at your convenience maybe a treat but constantly snaking and rearing those mouse, keyboard and speaker cables can be a repetitively annoying task and to add–an eye sore. Enter the Warpia Easy Dock Wireless Docking Station, a hot new gadget that allows you to benefit from the simplicity and portability of a laptop as well as the comfort of a desktop computer–wirelessly! That means having to connect your notebook PC to your desktop computer system, consisting of a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse, without having to use any of those messy cables. The Warpia Easy Dock is composed of a PC Adapter and a pre paired DisplayDock (comprised of a Device Adapter and a Docking Base) which enable a fast, stress-free setup and “ready to use right out of the box” functionality.

Standard features include:

• Wireless connectivity from PC to monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
• Supports resolutions up to 1400×1050 or 1440×900 (wide)
• HD video up to 720P
• 32-bit True Color depth for high quality images
• Quick setup with paired pre associated Adapters
• 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo audio
• Fully standard solution (Wireless USB from the USB-IF)
• Worldwide regulation compliance
• Support for Windows 7/ Vista SP2/ X SP3, Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)/ Snow Leopard (10.6)

Buy a Warpia Wireless USB Easy Dock Laptop Docking Station for Mac and PC here.

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