Vibeholic Vibrating Speaker System

Have you heard about Vibeholic before? This is a small device that’s capable of setting up highly effective vibration-based technologies to successfully transform a flat and hard surface into a superb audio speaker. Yes, you heard it right. Anything that meets Vibeholic can possibly become a speaker! If you are hesitant, then try it with plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, and many other materials. When the Vibeholic is used along with a ridged cardboard box, it produces great, high quality sound that seem like you’re utilizing a sub-woofer. You may not believe it, but it’s instant, it’s incredible, and it really works.

First off, purchase a Vibeholic speaker System. Then, slide the back off the speaker, take off the attachment and fasten it onto any surface. Plug in your music player to the jack that’s included and you’re all set. With its standard 3.5mm jack, you can easily connect the Vibeholic to other devices such as laptops, mp3 players, and handheld consoles. The Vibeholic can be powered by two AAA batteries or via a USB cable that comes included when you purchase it. What’s great, it is pocket sized so you can conveniently bring it with you anytime, anywhere.

The Vibeholic speaker is outfitted with ‘Magic PU’ sticker which helps the speaker stick easily to just about any surface. Click here and get a Vibeholic Vibrating Speaker System now and start trying it with various materials to find out the different sounds it will produce. Upon purchase, you’ll get a Vibeholic speaker, 50cm audio extension cable, USB power cable, and user manual.

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