VeeBeam: Easy Wireless Streaming From Your PC to Your HDTV

No matter how clear or good in quality the movies and videos in your laptop or PC are, you have to admit that the fun is limited when you view these movies through the said devices. Why? Well first, they are limited in size. Second, laptops and computers are not really video- and movie-oriented. When it comes to viewing fun, no one can beat the enjoyment that an HDTV provides. And now, with the introduction of VeeBeam, you can already get the most out of your laptop or PC and your HDTV. How?

Well, the VeeBeam is a media streamer that will allow you to stream anything from your PC or laptop to your HDTV – from movies to videos and even photos. Whatever your PC can play, trust that VeeBeam can stream it to your TV. And, this is done wireless – no need to worry about wire clutter in your home. Just plug the VeeBeam into your TV and plug the USB antenna into your laptop and you can already start streaming your media. And, you can be sure that the quality of your streamed movies and videos will be great with the 1080p video output of the device. Lastly, your PC or laptop remains functional while streaming (during the play-to mode), so you can still do other activities like browse the internet

The VeeBeam is a very affordable media streamer. Offered at a little less than a hundred dollars, you never have to worry about your budget. With this device added in your home, you can now get the most out of your PC or laptop and your HDTV.

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