Vapor iPhone 4 Case Featuring Function and Style

If you have an iPhone 4, you’ve probably experienced reception problems with your mobile when you hold its metal antenna band. This seems to be a common problem among users of iPhone 4, and even Apple has already acknowledged the problem. If you’re still having that same problem now, you may want to consider getting your iPhone 4 a new Vapor case from Element Case.

First and foremost, the Vapor iPhone 4 Case is equipped with a shock absorbing material on its inner portion. This material not only serves as a non-conductive barrier that eliminates reception problems associated with holding the phone by your naked hand – it also lessens the possibility of damage on the phone in case of impacts. Other than this practical benefit, the Vapor will also give your iPhone 4 a minimalist but sophisticated look. It has an ergonomic shape that makes it look sleek. The on/off button is designed into the case to guarantee clean lines. And to complete its overall appeal, the case has an anodized finish that does not only offer great looks but also protection. As of now, the Vapor is offered in Black/Black and Black/Pink combination. More colors are expected to be available later on.

The Vapor iPhone 4 case is strong, yet it’s very light. It’s crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum that’s CNC-machined, and it only weighs 25 grams. The graphics on the case are laser engraved. According to Element Case, a custom option will soon be offered. You can now avail of this case by pre-order. Or, if you want a similar one, you’ll find an iPhone 4 case at Amazon.

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