v.Clone: Lets you Open your C:drive in Any Computer

Wondering if it’s possible to take your PC virtually anywhere without actually carrying the unit to and fro? The Iomega v.Clone will do just that. This is a pretty neat software that confines a complete virtual image of your personal computer (including all the applications, settings, the operating systems, as well as all your files) in your Iomega hard drive. You can use the cloned copy on another computer. Mind you, it will seem like you’re just working from your own PC. As soon as you reconnect, this software will automatically sync your data to your PC. There’s nothing to worry about, though, because everything is up to date.
The v.Clone has three specific functions – USE IT, CLONE IT, and SYNC IT. Its CLONE IT function gives you the convenience of taking your settings, applications, files, and operating system wherever you go via your external hard drive. The v.Clone does this by producing a virtual copy of your primary PC on your iOmerga external hard drive. If you want to access your files and applications even when you’re far from home, that’s where the v.Clone’s USE IT function comes in. All you need to do is plug your Iomega hard drive into another PC and you can enjoy updating your files and using all your applications. The moment you return to your primary computer, that’s the time that you’ll use its SYNC IT feature. By syncing your data back, your applications and files will always be up to date.

One thing more, with v.Clone, you can rest assured than even if your primary computer crashes, you’ll have a supplementary copy of everything that’s stored in there. In addition to the v.Clone, you can also get an Iomega portable hard drive at Amazon.

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