USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad – Brilliant plug-n-play Accessory!

Some USB pointing devices have very limited functions. While they can be used to click, point, and scroll, they fall short in dynamically manipulating documents and images. Now there’s an easy solution to that – the USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad. This innovative Brando product is aimed to increase your productivity by offering a wide range of features like its ability to rotate and zoom in and out graphics and pages using a combination of two and three-finger movements on the surface of the gadget’s touch-sensitive pad.

This gizmo is made up of two gadgets rolled into one. It is a multi-touch touchpad which also doubles as a numeric keypad. With just one button, you can shift between these modes. True, the USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad is too small for its big function. It comes slim, compact, and lightweight, making it perfect for travel, crowded workplace, and other working environment.

Among the product’s coolest features are the different mouse commands that you can simulate just by using a series of two and three-finger taps and movements. Its two finger functions include magnifier, tapping, rotate, zoom in and out, as well as vertical and horizontal scroll. Three finger functions, on the other hand, include opening the computer, page down and page up, and switch window. You can also map the three finger tap to any function you want. Just make one click and you will switch to 10-key input for your data entry needs.

This space-saving portable touchpad is truly a must-have for those who use laptop for a living. Its package includes the touchpad itself plus CD w/ drivers and user’s manual. Click here and get this amazing gizmo for only $39.99.

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