USB LED Desktop Lamp: Cool Illumination All the Time

We all have different work demands. Some work well in a given situation, others don’t – and vice versa. When it comes to computer and paper works, some want their environment to be totally bright with all the light sources turned on while others prefer just a little illumination to avoid the glare. If you’re someone who doesn’t want too much light around you but need your table to be properly illuminated for stuff you might need to do while tackling some tasks on your table, the USB LED desktop lamp is your ideal light source.

First, this lamp is composed of LED bulbs. So, you get super white light that’s perfect for illuminating your table without all that glare. Plus, LED bulb lasts longer than incandescent bulb, so you don’t have to worry about a replacement very soon. And of course, it’s less prone to accident because it doesn’t heat up that much no matter how long you have it on. Second, the lamp is of the USB type – you can power it right from your computer, so you won’t need a power outlet anymore. You also have the option to power it with three AAA batteries. Lastly, the lamp can rotate at 270 degrees, so illuminating your entire work table is easy.

All these benefits are incorporated into the lightweight and portable construction of the device. It measures only 4.25” x 3” x 8.66”, so it’s easy to carry from table to table. This USB LED desktop lamp is a perfect partner for people who work ‘til the wee hours in the morning doing computer tasks, paper works, or some readings.

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