USB Chess Game – Same Board, New Tech

Before Quake and Capture the Flag, Half-Life and Team Fortress, Starcraft, Command and Conquer Red Alert and Maria Sharapova – there was the ancient game of Chess and of course Garry Kasparov. And the ultimate strategy game just got a 21st century makeover with the new USB Chess Game. A combination of classic gameplay with the latest in geeky stuff, the USB chess game is a perfect companion to a learning novice or any Grandmaster seeking new challenges. This device is not exactly Deep Blue with its massively parallel, RS/6000 SP Thin P2SC-based system with 30 120 MHz P2SC microprocessor nodes further enhanced with 480 special purpose VLSI chess chips or the newer X3D Fritz running on four 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Xeon CPUs – but it’s just as fun and far less cheaper.

This modern chess board boasts a set of small sensors embedded in the flexi-board that enables you to play against your computer, a friend in front of you or a bitter foe on the other side of the earth via the Internet. By tracking your moves on the chessboard, the computer can even step in for a quick coaching if you ever find yourself in a tight spot. The computer can also be used as a high-end chess clock, it can keep you updated on the time remaining before you must decide on your next move or how much more time you still have in the game.

Get this geekie USB chess game here.

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