USB 7 Port Hub: Quick Power for All Your Gadgets

How many gadgets exactly do you have? Three? Four? Five? Don’t you find it a hassle whenever they all go dead and you need to charge them altogether and there aren’t enough ports to accommodate all of them? Well, one of the cool and functional devices that you can turn to today is the newest USB 7 port hub.

This port hub contains seven downstream ports, more than enough to power up and charge all your gadgets. And, each port has its own individual switch that you have to turn on and off before the port can work. If a plugged gadget is already fully charged and you find unplugging it such a tasking job, instead of leaving the gadget alone to consume power unnecessarily, you can simply turn off the switch and leave the gadget plugged in. Other than making gadget charging and powering easy, the port hub also contains an over current detection. So, all your gadgets are protected from possible electric-related damage. The ports can handle very high speeds up to 480Mbps. The device is also Windows and Mac friendly.

The reliability of the USB 7 port hub and its plug-and-play function makes it an ideal back up for all your gadgets. It will make charging of your gadgets and powering up of your devices easy. So if you’re looking for that one perfect device that will make dealing with all your gadgets hassle-free, this port hub is the one for you. It’s offered at less than twenty dollars. Simply click here to get it.

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