UPC Barcode Scanning Via Top Smartphones now Possible with ScanLife Mobile App

Are you familiar with ScanLife Barcode scanner? Do you that it now has a newer version which is compatible with Blackberry, Android, and iPhone operating systems? ScanLife mobile app makes use of the built-in camera in the mobile phone to scan barcodes and automatically display product information. This is among the first applications that read major barcode formats using the three leading Smartphone platforms. ScanLife already recognizes famous 2D barcode formats like EZcode, Datamatrix, and QR. Additionally, the newer version of ScanLife phones featuring auto-focus cameras are able to read 1D barcodes like ISBN, UPC, and EAN. Such phones include iPhone 3GS, DROID by Motorola, and BlackBerry Tour.
More and more people around the world are now downloading the Scanlife app. There are also mobile operators that have this app preloaded on lots of handsets. Most product packaging across the globe now contains UPC and EAN barcodes and with the help of ScanLife mobil app, you can now scan these barcodes to obtain more product information, including price comparisons and consumer reviews from different retailers online such as Amazon.

Best is, the ScanLife Code Management Platform is now used by huge marketers and small local businesses. Consumers just need to scan the said codes so they can load videos, avail of discounts, and enter promotions right from their mobile phones. More interestingly, you can use the ScanLife Platform to produce personal codes that connect to your social networking profiles or contact information in different websites. This ScanLife mobile application stands out from the number of barcode readers out there because of its ability to scan many types of barcodes.

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