Unleash the Music Lover in You Using the Blue Man Percussion Tubes!

Is there a music lover in you? Then the Blue Man Percussion Tubes is a great instrument for you. A compact box of two feet by one foot, this ingenious gizmo allows you to make your own music in an absolutely fresh and innovative way. It is composed of eight PVC tubes that give off an invisible beam. These tubes represent the sounds of the snare, hi-hat, cymbal, hi-timbale, electric snare, ride cymbal, bass drum, and conga.

What makes this one different from conventional drum kits is that it does not respond to tapping, walloping, or hitting. Instead, it employs a motion sensitive technology that responds the moment you wave one of the paddles on top of each tube. When you wave the paddle or your hand above the tubes, the beam will be broken and a unique sound is produced.

But the magic of this set of percussion tubes doesn’t end there. It also comes equipped with 10 pre-programmed songs, a speed drum setting that regulates tempo, and five instrument sound choices namely steel drums, Blue Man tubes, drums, marimba, and xylophone.

Moreover, these percussion tubes come equipped with a loading dock where you can insert your iPod or other MP3 player in case you want to layer, mix, fade, or simply play along with your favorite tunes. Quality built-in speakers and control are also included in the kit to let other people hear the music you’ve created straight from the tubes.

If you’re interested, you can get the Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes from Amazon.

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