Universal Network Cable

Rolled, crossover, straight-through, atm/loopback, and T1. Ever heard about these terms? If you belong in the IT crowd, then you know exactly what these terms are about – the cable types that you often use to create networks or connect them. However, even with such familiarity, there is still a time that you get really confused finding the patch cable that you need. So, as a solution, an easy connection is provided to you called the Universal Network Cable.

The Universal Network Cable is the best thing that you’ll ever need if you want to switch from one cable to another – be it a rolled, crossover, straight-through, atm/loopback, and T1. If you want to use rolled, simply connect a host to a Cisco router or switch. Now, if it’s crossover, you can use it directly between computers without the need for a switch or hub. Meanwhile, for straight-through, simply use it as a standard RJ45 patch cable. And if it’s to be used as atm/loopback, first, test if a network card is working by checking for link lights with no need for hub or switch. How about T1? Well, you can just use it if you want to connect to T1 trunk lines or DDS lines.

So there you have it – 5 cable options in only one patch cable that you will ever need. The next time you find it rather difficult to change wiring, make sure you use the Universal Network Cable. Buy one now for only $29.99!

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