UNIOO i5400 – Powers your Portable Gaming Consoles and More

Sony PSP and Nintendo DSL. These two portable gaming consoles are very popular to kids and adults alike. If you happen to have one of them, well what’s the main problem that you often encounter with it? Nothing? Oh come on! There got to be something. How about the battery that drains out when you are in the middle of playing DragonBalls or Ridge Racer? Haha! Got yah! That’s so frustrating, right? Most especially if there’s no outlet nearby or you fail to bring the adapter with you. No worries! Because there is now a solution to this problem – the UNIOO i5400.

The UNIOO 15400 is a mobile external battery that is designed mainly for portable game consoles and other digital gadgets like the GPS system, MP3 players, digital cameras, iPhone, iPod, and more. It has a unique and luxurious design and boasts a 5400mAh capacity. It’s compatible with not only with digital gadgets but also with any other device using a USB charge cable and 5V or 8.4V. It includes 8 adapter types such as Mini V8, Mini USB, Samsung M300, LG VX8500, Nokia 619, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and USB Connector Cable. So, that’s so much convenience on your part because you won’t have to get separate batteries for each of your gadget.

Talk time for this battery lasts up to 32 hours, music up to 162 hours, and gaming up to 32 hours. So, the next time you go on a trip with your favorite portable gaming console and other digital gadgets, make sure you have this UNIOO i5400. But if you want to check out more options, here are other mobile external batteries available at Amazon.com.

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