UltraDrive MX – An SSD with a Dash of Dual Interface Convenience

A two to one advantage is not only beneficial on fisticuffs but on solid state drives as well. Benefit from twice the flexibility of the latest solid state drive from Super Talent – the new UltraDrive MX. It features an innovative dual-interface for both SATA II and mini-USB connections. The new dual-interface allows the UltraDrive MX to deliver a new height of flexibility and practicability by making it possible for customers to utilize this drive either as an internal SSD or a portable SSD. Migrating your old hard drive based system into the UltraDrive MX Solid State Drive is easier as compared to upgrading to a regular SSD. The dual interface allows users to first create an image of their internal hard drive to the UtraDrive MX using the mini-USB connection, after that they could simply swap the two drives and voila! Easy upgrade, no more need to use external drive enclosures – convincing feature to entice customers to shift to UltraDrive MX.

Performance wise, this hot gadget can more than live up to what is expected from solid state drives. To make sure it can deliver, it’s outfitted with a JMicron 616 that allows this drive to operate at 250MB/s Read and 180MB/s Write speeds. It also supports the GC and Trim technology which basically fine tunes this SSD for optimum performance and increased lifespan.

The new UltraDrive MX will be available by September and will be sold at 60GB, 120GB, 240 and 480GB capacities.

Purchase Super Talent UltraDrive varieties here.

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