Two New Mercedes Benz Models to Carry the Kleer Wireless Technology

In its desire to give its customers an improved audio experience, Mercedes Benz is incorporating the new Kleer technology in its latest models: the 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class and S-Class. The said technology will provide Mercedes Benz occupants with a wireless in-car headphone. This is paired with a couple of video screens placed on the back of the seats. The said screens will give the occupants the option to browse through different audio streams for their utmost enjoyment.

Wireless headset technology isn’t new. Other than the Bluetooth technology, the analog Infra-Red (IR) technology has been in existence for quite a time now. The new Kleer technology, however, is more advance in several ways:

  1. It emits high-quality audio
  2. It is not affected by common interference factors that affect previous technologies
  3. It can transmit audio even when the line of sight is interrupted
  4. It consumes low power
  5. It allows multiple occupants to share a single stream
  6. It allows the use of the in-car headphone or a third-party Kleer-based phone inside the car

As a plus, you can use the in-car headphone simultaneously with your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – no compatibility concerns whatsoever. With all these appealing features, no doubt the Kleer technology will appeal to a lot of people. It’s a perfect convenience item to those who love their music while on the road and to those traveling long distances and need some enjoyable deviations. High-quality sound delivered most conveniently – what more is there to ask? It’s one of the most appealing ingredients of the ultimate infotainment innovation today!

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