TV-B-Gone Pro – TV On, TV Off

The last time the goddess of strife pulled a dangerous prank that led to the vanity fueled dispute between three major goddesses of Olympus, Troy burned to the ground and the earth was drenched with the bloods of many young heroes. A horrific feat done by throwing a golden apple inscribed with the words “To the Fairest” in the middle of banquet full arrogant and conceited gods. That was just a golden apple for a prank, a high powered remote? Be scared. Be very scared.

The new TV-B-Gone Pro is a remote that can turn on and off almost any Television in range. It can cause a mild confusion in an electronic store when used right but it’s safe to assume that it won’t erase any city on the map like the notorious Apple of Discord did. But like any sly tools of chaos, the TV-B-Gone Pro is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. It looks like an innocent 2.75″ (height) x 2.06″ (width) x 0.26″ (depth) mp3 player but it hides underneath eight infrared emitters that can turn off most of the TVs around the world within a 110 meter range in just a matter of seconds. Using the touch activated switch, you can even turn off remote TVs in rapid succession via the instant reactivation feature. With such power in your hands, you’re now a walking electronic store chaos. Other features include flashing LED light indicators and stealth mode. It’s powered by the included rechargeable battery with charger.

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