USB Duet – Plug-and-play Connectivity For Easy Sharing of Contents, Speakers and Keyboard Between iPad and Netbook

Normally, establishing connectivity between PC to PC or even to other devices becomes complicated because of the need for special drivers, software, and other prerequisite set up. With USB Duet, everything is directly the opposite.

The USB Duet is a special solution created by PLX Technology, a primary international supplier of silicon and software interconnect solutions for user markets and projects. As the name implies, a standard USB cable easily enables a netbook PC to be connected to another PC or even to Apple iPad without the need for exclusive drivers or complex procedure. It is a combination of PLX-engineered hardware and application software that allows USB Duet-enabled computers to share optical disk drive, burn or rip CD/DVDs, execute HDD recovery, or upgrade OS to other PCs. It can also share contents and functionalities with the iPad like using a netbook keyboard instead of the iPad’s virtual keyboard, transfer audio files from iPad to laptop without the need for iTunes, and use the netbook’s speakers.

If the above functions of the USB Duet are already impressive, here’s more. It can reach from 480Mbps up to 5Gbps performance. It is even designed with a security connection that provides safe access to users of the virtual drive during file sharing. This kind of file sharing is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and certain instant-ON OS. When a netbook is either in Log Off, Locked, Sleep/Hibernate, or Shutdown mode, access to virtual drive is restricted thus enforcing more security to data sharing.

Know more about USB Duet here.

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