Tune All Your Strings At Once with TC Electronic PolyTune

You may think this is some kind of a trick; but it’s not. With Polytune, you could get truly rocking without that time-consuming guitar tuning. Yes, this stomp-box sized tuning device is such miracle from TC Electronic. If you buy a PolyTune, you can take pride in having the world’s first polyphonic tuner which allows you to tune all your guitar or bass strings at once. You simply need to strum away and this gadget will analyze a full strum and will tell you which string needs tuning. Brilliant, isn’t it? It is also capable of tuning all kinds of alternate tunings, drop tunings, open tunings, and many others.

True, this advanced tuning technology transforms the way you tune your guitar; it makes it possible to tune all strings simultaneously. It’s really as simple as strum-tune-rock! The PolyTune isn’t just effective for bass and guitar; it is also exceptionally flexible. Its reference pitch can be set to your preference – ranging from 435Hz to 445Hz. This just means that you can play along with any instrument and with anyone, no matter what the situation may be.

Aside from being a Polyphonic tuner, PolyTune also features a chromatic tuner that can hang with any tuning technology available, with staggering 0.5 cent precision. What’s great is, PolyTune offers two chromatic tuning modes – needle mode and stream mode. The former mode caters to those who want classic view on a tuner while the latter delivers real-time information, measuring even the slightest variation in pitch and displays the information by means of a rotating motion on the display.

All these benefits plus a whole lot more, can be yours if you get the PolyTune from TC Electronic. Check out Amazon and see the various electronic guitar tuners available.

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