Treadway Motorized Shoes: Daily Commute Made Easy

Have you ever tried roller skating? How would you love to use roller skaters in your daily commute? It would sure be fun, although not so much practical – what with the fact that you’d have to take the skaters on and off several times during the day. Well, there’s a new innovation in the market that’s designed like your traditional roller skaters, only this time it’s geared for use in daily commute. Give way to the Treadway Motorized Shoes.

Developed by Peter Treadway, these new motorized shoes will make your daily commute fast, easy, and convenient. When you wear them, you can zip along the road about 10 miles an hour on your way to your destination. Sure, you can go way faster with your traditional roller skaters, but these motorized shoes take away the inconvenience brought by the need to take them off when you decide to walk. How? Well, the shoes are designed in such a way that you can have them on whatever activity you’re doing – whether you’re walking, riding a bike, or even when you’re driving. The shoes are powered by lithium-polymer batteries that can be easily charged by plugging into any outlet.

The said shoes are still in the process of development, and there are some missing details yet. They are among those competing for the James Dyson Award. Hope they win so that we’ll see them in the market soon. With the availability of these Treadway Motorized Shoes, we’ll surely see major improvements in our daily travel and commute needs.

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