Touch Bionics i-LIMB Pulse – Bluetooth Bionic Hand

Are you familiar with i-LIMB prosthetic hand? This is the world’s first commercially available bionic hand from Touch Bionics, the maker of advanced upper-limb bionic technologies. If you’re one of the many patients using such prosthetic hands, you sure will be happy to know that this device now got an upgrade. The all-new version of i-LIMB Hand called i-LIMB pulse receives a lot of remarkable enhancements such as pulsing grip strength, software-enabled grip patterns, and strong aluminum features which make this hand more durable.

The i-LIMB pulse is robust. It comes with an aluminum chassis, knuckles and dislocators and its design features make it the company’s toughest prosthetics device so far. It can support a load of up to 90kg and it can perform increased activity levels. This prosthetic hand is strong. It employs Touch Bionic’s patented pulsing technology to deliver increased grip strength. This is very much helpful in times when the patient needs to apply more force for his or her daily activities.

The i-LIMB pulse is versatile. It is outfitted with a plethora of automated features allowing various combinations of grip patterns and other digit-postures to be activated by the user. Contributing to its unmatched flexibility is its BioSim key, the company’s Bluetooth-enabled software that enables prosthetists and users to select the features that will best work for them. Moreover, i-LIMB pulse is low-profile. It comes with a standard lifelike low-profile design and is offered in two sizes so it is suitable both for men and women.

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