Toshiba Mobile Display OCB Liquid Crystal Panel for 3D Glasses – Why HD When you can Go 3D?

You have just recently arrived home and you suddenly notice a brand new flat screen TV at your living room–lucky day. Like any other tube and Hollywood loving creature, your initial reaction is to turn the thing on, pop in a movie, sit back and relax. As you were about to enjoy movie, all you can see are double vision images–lucky day indeed. Why? You just experienced a 3D crossover and the new TV on your living room? It’s the latest 3D LCD TV on the market. Now if only you could get your hands on those 3D glasses with the new Toshiba Mobile Display OCB (Optically Compensated Bend) liquid crystal display panel. The ever increasing demand for immersive gameplay and ultra realistic images paved way for the development of 3D technology for more applications like PC games, movies and television, and yes, even incoming hand held consoles. You know the rules, what the consumer wants, the consumer gets.

A 3 Dimensional image is basically created by having two different pictures intended for the left and right eyes. The new Toshiba Mobile Display OCB liquid crystal display panel works by using a pair of glasses to separate a picture into two images then alternatively open and closes the liquid crystal shutter for the right and left eye. This synchronous operation done at high speed allows the brain to synthesize the left and right images as 3D images. The OCB technology also enabled viewers to experience high-speed response, wide viewing angle, high contrast and minimal 3D crosstalk and eye fatigue.

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