Top Travel Gadgets

Traveling is either fun and exciting or boring and stressful. If you think about all the packing that you have to do and the hassle of leaving some important stuff because they are not too portable, sometimes you’d wish that you have all the means to make packing and traveling as a whole a lot easier for you. But hey, why have a boring and stressful travel if you can very much turn it into a fun and exciting one? The solution – equip yourself with these Top Travel Gadgets.

1. Juice Pack Air

Is this the first time you come across this gadget? Well, the Juice Pack Air is a rechargeable external battery that is hidden inside of a protective form-fitting case designed for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. So, if you have this high-end phone and you often bring it with you during travels, then you better pair it with the Juice Pack Air for two main reasons – protection and convenience. You no longer have to worry about your phone getting scratches or for it to run out of battery during travels. With this gadget, you’ll have complete peace of mind as far as your iPhone is concern.

2. Tunebug Shake

The Tunebug Shake is a portable surface sound speaker. This is especially useful for those who often go biking, skating, and snowboarding during travels. This eliminates the use of headset or headphones since it can be connected easily to iPods, mobile phones, and MP3 players. It mounts to most types of helmets, so whether you love biking or skating, you’ll certainly have a real fun time listening to your favorite tunes while doing that thing you love. But if you want another option, you can check out this similar product called the Vibe Portable SurfaceSound Speaker.

3. ITV Video Personal Video Goggles

Bored waiting for boarding time? Feeling stressed out during long train travels? Then, you need this ITV Video Personal Video Goggles. This gadget is not your ordinary goggles. This actually projects a big screen in front of your eyes making you feel as if you are watching from a movie theater. Just hook it up to your iPod/iPod video and you’re good to go. So, be bored no more during travels. Have your own personal theatre with this ITV Video Personal Video Goggles.

4. Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

If you constantly worry about missing your family, your work, your home, and your business during travels, well you don’t have to anymore with this Avaak Vue Personal Video Network. This personal video network allows you to see what you are missing in your life, virtually from anywhere and anytime. This set includes cameras, magnetic mounts, and personal account at

5. Callpod Fueltank Portable Charger (Silver)

It’s understandable if you bring any or some of these gadgets with you during travels: iPod, cell phone, Bluetooth headset, PDA, digital camera, navigation unit, mp3 player, digital reader, and portable gaming system. They make traveling more fun and less stressful, there’s no doubt about that. But what if they start to run out of battery all at the same time? That would probably stress you out, especially if you need to use the device at that very moment. So, to relieve you from stress, equip yourself with the Callpod Fueltank Portable Charger. It charges two gadgets simultaneously, and even multiple times without refueling. And it’s very portable too with a weight of less than 8 ounces.

So, what’s your pick?

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