Top Gadgets To Beat The Heat

Climate change is very real and felt by a lot of people around the globe. Until humans stop destruction to mother earth, we can expect a climb in normal temperatures as we know it. But all of those cannot stop kids and kids at heart to have fun and games to chill out while the sun shines beautifully. Here are the top gadgets to have while enjoying under the sun.

1. Ocean Art Light-Up Mini Jellies – This little gadget would be perfect if you have a pool. Just place a couple of these and it would instantly make your pool party the coolest in the block. With its fiber optic tentacles, this is still way geeky than most of your friends might think. Enjoy a multitude of color without the sting with these babies.

2. Banzai Skimboard Surfer Set – Love surfing but stuck in the suburbs? You now don’t have to drive miles and miles just to enjoy surfing on waves of the sea. You just have to buy this surfer slide and have fun right at your own backyard! If you don’t know, skimboarding works on the concept of hydroplaning where the boarder runs over a thin layer of water. Just have enough forward force and the board would slide above water where you can do spins and tricks. You need not to spend thousand gallons of water and getting your own wave machine just to surf. Connect the hose with the slide and it will be filled with water a couple of inches deep; enough for you to hydroplane. Use the included 30″ pro quality skimboard and enjoy loads of fun moving through the 26-feet slide.

3. Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler – You know for yourself that you love water parks because of all the water play that’s going on. Those fountains, water shots, pirate ships with lots of water canons, and many other things that just makes the child in you scream for joy. Have that fun in your lawn with the Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler. Just connect the hose and water will be sprinkled in four different directions. Your children can roll the ball around or you can also make this one a fancy way to water your plants.

4. Brain Freeze Ice Tray – I have to say that this thing is pretty clever. You know from your basic science that water takes the shape of the container holding it. You also have known that water solidifies at its freezing point of zero degree Celsius. Those two combined makes an excellent way to have geeky ice cubes. Enough with the cube design and in goes funky styles. Being a tech geek, brains is what we have and a good thing to have floating in your drink. This is really nice for special occasions to top off a chemistry themed party or a great conversation starter with friends.

5. Aqua Climb – The Aqua Climb give users a wall climbing experience while in the pool. With a minimum requirement of 5′ in depth, most pools can be installed with this. Just climb your way up and once you’ve touched the top panel, just let go and feel the splash! Prices start at around $6,000 (ouch!)

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