Top 5 Summer Fitness Gadgets

Summer’s just around the corner and what’s better way to spend it than to burn all those accumulated winter calories and loosen up those spring break beer tummies. The sun will be coming up high as well as numbers of hot new gadgets to keep you fit and feeling good for the upcoming beach and pool parties. So here are the top 5 fitness gadgets for this summer to keep you in high energy and tip top shape–geeky style.
First on the list is the handy Fitbit Tracker that accurately keeps a record of your calories burned, steps made, distance covered, and sleep quality. Using the same 3D motion sensor technology found in Nintendo Wii, Fitbit can sense motion in three planes and synthesize those data into valuable data of your daily activities from dusk till dawn and everything in between. It also has a partner wireless base station that automatically uploads information gathered by the device to anytime you approach its proximity. Fitbit can be worn on your waist, pockets, and undergarments and on the included wristband, thanks to the easy clip on design.

Another similar device is the Phillips Activity Monitor, a tiny and waterproof motion sensor and accelerometer specially designed for Phillip’s DirectLife fitness program that includes personalized fitness website and an online personal coach. The Activity Monitor offers a fast and easy way to monitor calories burned through any movements by using its sensors and the data provided by its user like age, gender, height and weight. The activity monitor features an indicator light that starts with zero activity and gradually increases each time you complete 15% of your 100% target activity and calories burned.

The third gadget is from gaming console that revolutionized gaming and fitness–at the same time! You guessed it right, from Nintendo Wii comes the new Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board; you can now have everything that the original Wii Fit has to offer plus new exercise tools and routine. The best part is, you can choose from four categories of exercise routines or make your own serious fitness program by selecting from individual Yoga and Strength Training activities. The Wii Fit Plus includes a new Balance board that can turn real life actions into onscreen movements–snowboarding on a midsummer day anybody? Plus, all exercises can be done under the comfort of your own home away from the heat of the sun.

If you’re going to train, train right and the new Polar RS800CX Run Heart Rate Monitor Watch with S3 Stride Sensor W.I.N.D. is here to make sure that you get the most out of your every workout. Made for the multisport athlete in you, it helps avoid over or under training by aiding you to train at the right intensity, records detailed information about your performance, tests your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress.

What’s an exercise routine without the fabled “Eye of the Tiger” tune? Listen to your favorite music even under intense workout on land or water with the new H2O Audio IEN1-BK Surge Sportwrap Waterproof Headphones and Amphibx Waterproof Armband. The headphone offers comfort fit Elastomer and Foam earplugs, boasts bass amplified sounds, and is made to stand the abuse of everyday workout and perspiration. The armband is where you securely put your music player. Made with highly specialized materials, it’s a one stop, fully integrated, bring-anywhere, water sports music solution.

There you have it, our top 5 Summer Fitness Gadgets!

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