Top 5 Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Perhaps, you’re now thinking of ways to show all the fathers in your life that you appreciate them. What a better way to do that than to surprise them with a wonderful gadget gift. Here are the top 5 gadget gifts you can put into consideration:

1. SOLIO ROCSTA hybrid solar charger
This can be your Dad’s perfect buddy whenever he goes on a vacation or long distance road trip. This gizmo, which works with more than 3200 devices, can power your gadgets even if they’re on your backpack, bicycle, and belt loop. What’s great about Solio Rocsta Hybrid Solar Charger (new) is that you have the option to charge it from the sun, through a USB port, or from an optional wall charger. It is capable of storing up to one year of charge so it’s ready for use anytime.

2. KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera/Purple
For adventurous Dads, KODAK PLAYSPORT is perfect. This device is waterproof so you can plunge even up to 10ft underwater and shoot your whole experience in full 1080p HD. What makes this camera great for adrenaline junkies is its built-in image stabilization that helps prevent blurry footage even when things are getting shaky. This 5 MP video camera isn’t afraid of everything – from the waves to uneven country roads. So if your father or your husband lives an active lifestyle, Kodak PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera (Black) NEWEST MODEL will sure be a good gift for him.

3. GARMINfone
Made on the Android platform, the Garminfone from T-Mobile is a full-featured smartphone featuring proven Garmin navigation. Fathers can use this device in sending out messages, making a call, or surfing the Internet. It offers access to Android Market you can freely choose from thousands of applications. Since it features a fully integrated Garmin navigation, Garminfone will take you anywhere you want to go. You can get the Garminfone, along with other products like Garmin GPS at Amazon.

4. Pyramat Gamebag 2.1
For fathers who want to spend most of their time staying at home with their kids, the Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 beanbag can be a wonderful gift. This beanbag allows user to watch movies, play games, read books, or listen to music in ultimate comfort and style. More than just being a relaxing seat, this device also includes two surround speakers at its top and a Pyramat POWERSUB subwoofer on its side. With such features, this beanbag can truly transform just about any room of your house into a personal theater. All you need is to plug the Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 Game Booster (Blue/Black) in your laptop, console, MP3 or DVD player, or other handheld device and let the fun begin.

5. PicooZ Tandem Z-1 Helicopter
Daddies who love to fly or something that flies will find this toy amazing. The difference of this new version of PicooZ helicopter from its predecessors is that it comes with two rotors. Even if it is heavier, it can fly perfectly, making you feel like you’re flying an authentic Chinook. You sure wouldn’t believe how well it performs and how long it stays flying in the air. This is truly a nice addition to your Dad’s collection so better click here to purchase the PicooZ Tandem Z-1 helicopter.

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