Tok Took Power Plug Concept

If you own lots of gadgets it means that you also have lots of chargers. Like you will have a charger for your iPod, your digital camera, your phone, add in the power cords for your laptop, TV, media tank, etc. You must have gotten some serious plugging and unplugging business since you also want to save energy from those little LED indicators that add up over long periods of time.

However, the problem with plugging and especially with unplugging is the constant battle with the power outlet. Like for some people who are afraid of the sparks when plugging an appliance, they do this two finger approach and distance themselves away from the outlet. When unplugging, you do the wiggle-wiggle technique until the plug gets loose. You definitely wish that plugging and unplugging is as easy as pushing a button. Now, a power plug concept has risen that would totally remove the fear of plugging and the complication of unplugging.

The Tok Took borrows the concept of a retractable pen. You just have to click once to let the pen tip out and click again to retract it. Same to this plug. You just have to “click” it in once to let out the metal prongs and just press again to retract them. No need for wiggling actions as the plug comes out easily. There is also a docking system where you just have to click whenever you want to plug or unplug your device.

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