tLight – Charging Dock and Lamp in One

What comes to mind instantly when talking about lamp is light. Lamps are created to the major purpose of providing beam either in specific corner of the house, hotel, or office. But M&C revolutionizes the once ordinary light source to a surprisingly innovative device. This time, the tLight (The Most Talented Light) is not just a desk light but a power source for charging laptops, mobile devices, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Cleverly, the tLight can charge different mobile phones simultaneously and provide beam–the energy-efficient way. It uses LED technology with less energy consumption and less carbon emissions, thanks to 3-Watt LED which can last for at least 50,000 hours. The tLight also has an exclusive port for supplying power to a lot of commonly used brand of mobile phones, laptops, as well as iPad and Apple music players. There is a particular port conveniently placed on the upper base portion of the tLight made of a durable metal-alloy structure for easy plugging-in of Apple devices. On the other hand, there is single USB output port that features several special connections for charging laptops and mobile phones. You can select the required voltage output for your laptop and also includes five seconds unlocking function to avoid unexpected mal-operation.

When charging mobile devices, the tLight can safely accommodate several phones at the same time. The innovative lamp integrates a feature that automatically cut the applicable voltage supply if the current consumption is over 1.5 A. When the energy consumption returns to the specified limit, charging will continue because of the self-recovery feature.

The tLight reading lamp comes in 8 different colors to suit your style. See more details here.

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