ThinkCenter M90z All-In-One PC – Do More with Less

All for one and one for a starting price of $899.00–no, that’s not the cost of a musketeer’s betrayal but of the new Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z. When the Think Tanks of Lenovo decided to put everything but the kitchen sink in this all-in-one business solution, they also kept in mind to do it so while saving both energy, time, space and money. The ThinkCenter M90z is a slim and sleek all-in-one PC designed to meet all of your large business demand with less clutter. It incorporated the central processing unit and all integral computer hardware with the monitor resulting in a smaller design, larger desk room and a tidier workplace. The High Definition 23-inch touch screen can be upgraded to a multitouch panel. By using the included SimpleTap software, users can pan, zoom, rotate, right click, and control volume and so much more with just a touch or a screen gesture. For comfort, the viewing angle can be adjusted between 15 to 45 degrees and the height can be customized through the height-adjustable stand and extendable arm.

Inside, the ThinkCenter M90z is powered by the latest Intel Core i series processor with Turbo Boost technology, which automatically scales power dynamically based on usage needs for optimal processing and energy efficiency. It also has DDR3 RAM, an integrated webcam, and a choice of SSD or HDD for storage. This all-in-one PC can basically chop, mince, dice, grind and puree any business applications and office suite you throw at it.

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