TheBook eReader not Just Displays but Literally Reads Books to You

If you want to take part in saving the environment while still enjoying a recreation, you should get an e-book reader soon. Imagine the number of trees being saved because of this digital publication novelty, all your favorite books will lay on your palms without bothering mother earth. TheBook by Augen is an ideal eReader that can support almost all formats of eBooks, making it possible to carry more than a thousand of publications with you back ache free.

As with other eReaders, TheBook allows you to download your favorite books and other contents at any place where there is Wi-Fi connection. The better part is it incorporates security software that protects the works of authors and their publishers from being plagiarized. This scheme is equivalent to security software of MP3 against piracy. Moreover, the 7-inch eReader has a web browsing function that can read simple texts of websites including Google and Wikipedia. Reading is made simple using TheBook since you can adjust the text size of a book or publication up to four sizes depending on your preference using the touch of a button. In case your eyes got tired reading but you still want to take information, TheBook has a Text-to-Sound feature that reads the book to you vocally through the built-in speaker. This feature is unavailable if the rights holder does not offer text-to-sound for the content.

The eReader accommodates up to 1,500 eBooks through its 2GB internal memory, has standard SD card slot expandable up to 32GB, uses rechargeable Li-ion battery, supports MP3/MP4 and video player, and includes accessories like leather carrying case, data transfer USB cable, UL certified AC adapter, and user guide.

More eBook reader options are available here.

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