The Webcam of True Seeing – Microsoft LifeCam HD with TrueColor Technology

Viewing movies and pictures in High Definition and looking good while being viewed in High Definition are two very different things. While the former is as easy as getting an HD entertainment center and popping in your favorite HD Blu-ray disk, the latter is much more complicated – unless you have the new Microsoft LifeCam HD series of webcams with TrueColor Technology. This hi-tech image processing technology from Microsoft delivers unparalleled color, brightness and picture quality even in the most unfavorable light condition.

The integrated TrueColor Technology in each of the new LifeCam HD webcam automatically fine-tunes image quality using proprietary combination of software and firmware applications to provide a consistently vibrant at clear video output from dusk till dawn. The three new lucky webcams integrated with the TrueColor Technology are the Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000, LifeCam HD-5001 and the notebook specific LifeCam HD-6000. All of these High Definition Webcams will feature 720p HD sensors and Auto Focus at an affordable price.

The LifeCam HD-5000 and the LifeCam HD-5001 presents the best in Microsoft technology in well under $50.00, with that you’ll also get a flexible attachable base that perfectly fits almost any surface including LCD screens and desktop. The LifeCam HD-5001 will be available via exclusive stores and will have an additional feature of custom-made design and white faceplate. The LifeCam HD-6000 also shares the same basic specs with the but with an additional 360 degree rotatable camera, smaller form factor, short three-foot cord and carrying case – perfect for all those notebook totting individuals.

You can get started on the HD experience by viewing the Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000.

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