The Tome of Knowledge – Complete National Geographic on 160GB Hard Drive

Great news for National Geographic Magazine aficionados- subscribers of this famous educational publication will have something to add to their collection of free maps, award winning images, reply coupons and hard to find editions. The Complete National Geographic on 160GB Hard Drive will make a perfect digital addition for those who want anything and everything about National Geographic. This special HDD contains 120 years’ worth of remarkable data, information, discoveries, useful and captivating maps, and world class photography unique to the magazine. National Geographic digitally reproduced every issue in such astounding details and dramatic resolution that the world, as you knew it is up-close and personal again. Read the magazine, not only from cover to cover, but from pages covering the years 1888 to 2008 – every featured article, advertisement, maps and pictures in it. In addition, viewers can use the advanced visual search tool called Geobrowse to search for magazine contents related to a specific geohreaphical area. For the first time, even the classic maps are digitally reproduced to be included in the archive. Fans can also test their knowledge thru games and trivia, if that’s not enough they can take a peek behind the scenes of NatGeo Magazine and more using the bonus DVD. The light and compact Complete National Geographic Hard Disk managed to cram all those knowledge in a 3×5 inch HDD and with 100GB separate partition to spare.

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