The Space Bar – De-cluttering Your Desk while Providing Extra Ports for USB devices

If you want more space, more ports, yet less clutter, Quirky has the perfect solution for you – the Space Bar. You may think this is nothing more than simple, stylishly designed desk accessory, but you thought wrong. This desk ornament, which helps minimize clutter, also offers additional USB ports for your computer.
When your task is done, all you need to do is slide your keyboard in the designated space below the shelf. The said shelf also doubles as storage for your desk items such as digital camera, keys, picture frame, Split Stick, sticky note, Cable Caps, and many more. With your desk clean and organized, coming back to work the following day can be easier. Doing your tasks in a clean workplace is also less tiring.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, Quirky’s Space Bar also features six USB ports placed conveniently in front of the design. So why struggle to conserve your USB ports? With the Space Bar, you can hook in your camera, Split Stick, iPod, and other USB devices all at the same time. The Space Bar is made up of aluminum with long-lasting hard plastic accents. It is also capable of hiding a keyboard that’s up to 18 inches long and 1.5 inches high. This Space Bar can also be used in case you need to elevate your monitor.

The concept is pretty much simple that it may even leave you thinking if it’s really worth your money. But if you think you badly need to free up some desktop space, then the Space Bar can be a good buy. Besides the Space Bar, Quirky is also the community behind the famous Watt Time and Split Stick.

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